JCR Remoting Server

The JCR Remoting Server provides an item-based WebDAV view to the JCR repository, mapping the functionality provided by JSR 170 to the WebDAV protocol in order to allow remote content repository access via WebDAV.

See the draft document JCR_Webdav_Protocol.zip for more details regarding this remoting protocol.

Batch read and write as well as the missing functionality (cross workspace copy and clone) has been addressed with a extension to the remoting server.

Access the content repository

Use the following URLs to access the content repository in your remoting client:

to access all workspaces of your JCR repository
to access a single workspace (example with workspace named 'default')

Supported WebDAV functionality

This implementation focuses on replicating all JCR features for remote access instead of providing standard WebDAV functionality or compatibility with existing WebDAV clients.

The following RFCs are used to implement the remoting functionality:

JCR Remoting Client

For the client counterpart of this WebDAV servlet please take a look at the Jackrabbit SPI2DAV module.