Standard WebDAV Server

The default WebDAV server (aka: Simple Server) is a DAV 1,2 and DeltaV compliant WebDAV server implementation. It offers a file-based view to the JCR repository, suitable for everybody looking for standard WebDAV functionality. Essentially, the contents of the underlying content repository are exposed as a hierarchical collection of files and folders.

Access the content repository

Use the following URL to access the content repository in your WebDAV client:

The server asks for authentication, but by default any username and password is accepted. You can modify this security policy in the repository configuration file.

To access other workspace than the default one, replace the last part of the URL (/default/) with the name of another workspace.

You can also search the default workspace populate it with example content from the Internet.

File system access

Many operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X, allow you to "mount" a WebDAV server as a shared network disk. You can use the above URL to make the default workspace available as such a network disk, after which you can use normal file system tools to copy files and folders to and from the content repository.

Supported WebDAV functionality